New Malta and Gozo Travel Guide

If you aim a very good and full trip to Malta and Gozo islands, there is now a brand new Malta travel guidebook on Amazon, Frommer's Malta and Gozo Day by Day.
It includes 23 self-guided tours which you can complete yourself without any help. All these tour information also includes corresponding 23 maps.

Key points from Frommer's Malta and Gozo Day by Day:

    * Thematic excursions for every interest, agenda, and style
    * Countless evocative photographs
    * Bulleted roadmaps that demonstrate you the way to travel from location to location
    * Malta hotels, resorts, dining places, store shopping, and Malta nightlife for all financial constraints
    * A tear-resistant foldout map surrounded in a convenient plastic wallet it's also possible to utilize for tickets and gifts

Malta Sightseeing Tour DVD

7 Days Malta is an excellent Malta experience video tour DVD which tells the important milestones of the islands's history showing the best attractions, sightseeing places and museums. These include the Knights of Malta, Valletta and important buildings, its beautiful gardens, the national archaelogical museum, stone age structures, impressive Mdina city on a high plateau, Gozo island, Baroque churches, buildings etc. What you get is an endless visual show of Malta's best and some of the not widely known tourist destinations. This Malta DVD is one of the rare achievements you can find about the history of Malta perfectly blended by a visitor's tourist expactations. Watch this before you travel to Malta and explore the same places or watch it after you are back from Maltese islands. You will see that you have missed some of them.

Malta Highlights in Brief

Recently, I have stumbled upon a nice article about the highlights of Malta. If you want to get the first knowledge about Malta Knights, Valletta and Mdina, read it. Useful.

Excellent Documentary about Knights of Malta

Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta DVD perfectly enlightens the legendary epic history of Maltese Knights, their monk missions and endless wars. You will see through re-characterizations how they first arrived to Malta from Holly Wars in Middle East, their incredible defense battle against Ottoman Empire in Maltese Siege in 1565, reconstruction period under the command of Jean de Valette, the role of Maltese Cross Grand Masters in Second World War etc.

The Malta documentary film also lots of related interviews made in more than ten countries and a bonus DVD section totally dedicated to Maltese armor and medieval weapons. Overall, it is one of the most successful documentary films about Malta Knights history.

Check reviews of Knights of Malta at Amazon

Paradise Bay Resort Hotel

Malta Paradise Bay Resort Hotel is attractively situated in a very picturesque position overlooking the open Mediterranean sea. There are 238 guest bed rooms. Most rooms have sea view. The hotel has many bars and restaurants for dining. You can use Wi-Fi as well but it is charged. It is good that there is public cheap bus service operating in front of the hotel. Car hire is not much needed. It is very near to port for Gozo island ferries as another advantage. If you like tennis to play, you are lucky. There are two tennis courts. Three outdoor pools and a large indoor pool which will be heated on winter months. Children games room, all kinds of water sports including diving school. Rooms are large and comfortable. The food is also well appreciated by travelers. You will definitely have much traditional Maltese food.

Malta Paradise Bay Hotel Sand Beach

Malta Paradise Bay Hotel Inside Pool

Malta Paradise Bay Hotel Sea View

Highly recommended if you want a calm holiday of pure sea, sun and natural Maltese high quality service and hospitality.

And finally a youtube video of Paradise Bay Malta Resort Hotel

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